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Greetings, we are a small, dedicated customer service oriented firm.  We have clients (some that go back 5 and 12 and even 30 years) who would be happy to share with you their reasons for using our company! 

Since 1982 our motto has been:  "Making Your Business Better!"  Something we take very seriously.  Whether you are a small firm needing an hours advice, or a large firm seeking a new direction in your customer service, or sales and marketing are, we are happy to meet your needs.

We have colleagues that we partner with in Europe and Asia.  Several of them have significant experience in all areas of Marketing, some Finance, Commercial & Home Construction, small goods Manufacturing, e-Commerce on all levels, Continent wide Television Programming.

Please don't hesitate to contact us and share your needs and ideas.  You can expect complete confidentiality and new-fresh ideas to problems, mixed with good old fashioned focused work done to the highest moral standard.
Blue Marble Technology, Inc.   Crookston Minnesota    218-281-4357
Some Recent Press

Grand Forks Herald, Grand Forks North Dakota

     CROOKSTON -- John Reitmeier can watch the world go by from his office.  Outside the window of Blue Marble Technology, the company he runs from his home near Crookston, Reitmeier can see a steady stream of farmers or equipment putting in and taking off crops and spraying or cultivating depending on the season.  "There's a lot of action, people coming and going and things to be done," said Reitmeier.

The same goes for inside his office walls. Reitmeier is in contact with people from across the world via four computers that sit in front of him. Blue Marble Technology contracts with companies that offer cable television and Internet service to provide help for customers experiencing technical problems. A half dozen Blue Marble Technology employees assist Reitmeier, who started the business to help Internet service providers, 15 years ago.  "Now with technology you can be anywhere in the world and work from home or another office," Reitmeier said. "We answer the phone and try to solve their problems... If I travel I can take a phone with me."

Reitmeier returned to Crookston in 1994 after working in the radio and music industries in the United States and Canada for about 25 years. A 1972 graduate of the University of Minnesota, Reitmeier headed to Winnipeg to work for Yamaha after receiving double majors in ag business finance and marketing management. He worked for Yamaha until 1976 when he returned to Crookston to run a musical instrument  store for a couple of years.

In 1978 Reitmeier moved to the Twin Cities and attended Brown Institute, a technical school, where he learned radio broadcasting and engineering. After he got his degree from Brown Institute he moved to the Grand Forks area and worked in radio for about a year before moving again, this time to the West Coast,

"I had the travel bug so I went out to California." In California he learned about an opening at a Las Vegas radio station and worked there for several years before returning in the 1980s to Grand Forks to work in the radio broadcasting business.  He created the midnight talk show West Coast AM, which got renamed to Coast to Coast AM when Art Bell took over the program.

"Then I got out of radio and went into marketing," Reitmeier said. He moved back to California and worked for the Fisher Pen company until 1990 when he and a friend moved to Franklin, Tenn., and opened a bed and breakfast. In 1994 he returned home to the farm to start his help desk business. He has no desire to move again.  To this very day, he still has Fisher Space Pen as a client.

"This is my home and I love it," Reitmeier said.  He also loves to travel. Reitmeier regularly combines radio work and traveling, two of his favorite hobbies, so he drives or flies to tourist attractions around the world.

Listeners of "John's Cool Site Pic of the Day," heard Monday through Friday on 1310-KNOX AM Radio have heard him broadcasting from countries across the world from Germany, to Turkey, to Israel. He's also done remote broadcasts in more than 25 states including, Maine, California and Tennessee.

"Radio is just for fun. It allows me to do things in the world I've never done before."

Area Ambassador
Besides traveling around the world, during the past 15 years Reitmeier has also brought people from across the globe to his home, hosting seven different foreign high school exchange students. Now a German college student who is attending the University of Minnesota Crookston is Reitmeier's guest.

Hosting foreign exchange students allows Reitmeier to be both an ambassador and tourist guide.  "It lets me kind of share what I think is the goodness of America. I think we've got something great going here...
"I have been blessed that I can travel the world and make a good living and be on a farm my great-grandfather bought for my grandfather and his new family in 1919."

Bailey writes for special features sections. Reach her at (701) 787-6753; (800) 477-6572, ext. 753; or send e-mail to abailey@gfherald.comx
Open Date: 01/01/2017 
Job Title: IT/Web/Apps/Marketing & Video Production  Internship
Work Type: Work Days:   Varied Schedule
Required Skills:
You need to know how to do every basic thing on a computer. You will be able to commit to the agreed upon internship. You don't use tobacco. You have a great desire to learn. You understand confidentiality beyond your internship. Some of the training involves mundane and repetitive tasks. You will be able to perform them on a continuing basis.
Preferred Skills:
By the time your internship is over you will be a fast ad graphics builder. You will be able to edit videos, you will be able to make quick changes in e-commerce engines. You will be able to manipulate databases, multi-task, and stay up-beat in a fast paced and often stressful environment. Any of these skills that you already have will move you to the top of the consideration list.
Job Description:
Greetings, We have had much success in partnering with folks entering the IT Field. Some of our past interns have gone on to do great things in their chosen fields (ask us!). They shared some common traits! 1. They were here to learn. 2. They were very co-operative. 3. They understand deadlines. 4. They understood the difference between work time and gamer/entertainment time on their computers. 

If that describes you, we'd like to talk to you. We'll participate in any internship program that your school has to offer. We enter into partnerships looking for long term relationships. You will know or be willing to jump into: all sorts of graphic work such as banners, building ad pieces such as business cards, table tents, flyers etc. We need to make short videos that end up on Youtube that are drop-ins to our web pages. We have e-commerce engines that need constant attention and freshening. We have several new web pages that need to be developed from scratch.

If you want to succeed in this business this is a great place to get a kick start. 

#1 Choice: Email at the above address.
#2 Choice: SKYPE:  JohnReitmeier
#3 Choice: CALL US BETWEEN 10AM-3PM Weekdays
218.281.4357 (ask for John).   Be ready to talk about your interest in this internship.  You will be required to work here in our offices for most of the internship.  If we wish to continue discussions with you you will need to email us several requested documents.